About Heather

A Little About Me

I was born in Bethesda, Maryland. However, I spent the bulk of my childhood living in Papua New Guinea. After graduating from high school I returned the United States to attend The College of William and Mary. I then spent many years working in a variety of jobs that didn’t fit with my strengths or my passion. I found myself raising three kids and sinking further into depression and anxiety.

As a child of missionaries, I had learned how to be resilient, flexible and hardworking. However, I also learned how to disconnect from my feelings and ignore my own pain to make others more comfortable. At nearly forty, I didn’t know how to find my way back to myself.

Bodywork became a gateway back into my own body and a mode of healing from surgeries, childbirth, early childhood trauma, grief and injuries. As I began to learn to feel and heal, I got back to making art, writing and pursuing passions I never even knew I had.

It is my goal to enable others to do the same. I want to help you heal your relationship to your body, your own story and the future you dream for yourself.

I believe all bodies deserve dignity and respect. Sessions with me are a time of no judgment, no shame. I am fat positive and have pledged to encourage Health At Every Size (HAES). I am trans affirming and antiracist. I aim to undo the systemic biases I have absorbed so that I can help others be free to love themselves and others more fully.

Ultimately, I want to help you heal and live your life with less pain.

Come as you are. Receive abundantly.


  • The College of William and Mary, Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Potomac Massage Training Institute, Massage and Anatomy
  • Upledger Institute International, Craniosacral Therapy Level One

Heather is a Registered Massage Practitioner in the state of Maryland and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington, DC.

License R02671