About Heather

Welcome to Minter Massage. I am Heather Minter.

I am an artist, writer, mother, wife, activist, volunteer, cook, event planner and home maker. I am also a massage practitioner. Like you, I wear many hats and have wandered many roads, but through massage I have found my calling.

Going to massage school did much more for me than train me in the proper techniques for giving massage. At Potomac Massage Training Institute I learned how to live in my body with more ease. I learned how to be grounded, how to listen to the wisdom of my body and how to hold space for others so that they can do the same. It is my mission to use my life experiences of injury, illness, loss and change along with the training I have received to create a practice that centers around creating a wholeness of being.

We all have goals for how we want to use our bodies. Some may need to sit for long hours at a computer. Others may need to train for athletic events. Some may be recovering from injuries, illnesses or emotional upheavals. Massage is a therapy that enhances the body’s own capability of┬áhomeostasis. Wherever you are in your body and whatever story led to this moment, I am here to help you create a greater sense of ease, safety and capability as you head out into your life.

Heather is a Registered Massage Practitioner in the state of Maryland

License R02671