Minter Massage at Ohana Wellness

Exciting news! Minter Massage is now offering services five days a week at Ohana Wellness in Bethesda, Maryland.

Ohana is a cooperative wellness center with like-minded healers. Reading reviews about Ohana will help you see why I wanted to join this outstanding team. Saya Barkdoll, the founder and owner, has built a practice that mirrors my own values and approach to bodywork. Not only is her practice client-friendly and loving, but it is also practitioner friendly. The result is a place where both practitioners and clients don’t want to leave. Working there has facilitated growth for me both as a practitioner and as a professional. I’m so grateful.

Within the last couple months Ohana has expanded from four to six treatment rooms and will further expand in the Spring. The space is warm, inviting and gorgeous. Come by Ohana for tea, a chat about your body and a session on the table.

You can book sessions with me at the link below.