Self Care Resources

Here are a few resource that have been helping me during this difficult time.

I’ve divided them into some key themes that include Nurture, Comfort, Resilience, Cheer and Self Compassion. Under each I’ve embedded a resource that I hope you will find useful.


In this section I’ll include resources for body self care. This includes exercises, stretches, self massage and items you can use to help your body.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene’s theme for April is Nurture. Here is her playlist of sessions to help us all.


YouTube Playlist for good feelings

I curated a little playlist with funny, inspiring and meditative videos that have nothing to do with our current situation and yet have everything to do with being here now. I hope you find them helpful.

Nightly Readings

On IGTV (Instagram) I’ve been doing a series of Nightly Readings from wise thinkers on whom I lean for understanding. Sometimes I read my own work. Here is the link:



Sounds True is offering a free digital care package to help inspire resilience.



Looking for some music to lift your spirits while you cook, do that 800th load of laundry or fly between zoom calls with kids and work? This therapist curated playlist is just what you need.

Self Compassion

Here I’ve got several resources for cultivating compassion for yourself.

David Whyte: The Poetry of Self Compassion

This talk by poet, David Whyte, is like a warm blanket for your mind and body. I return to it often.


This is a guided meditation for cultivating radical compassion.